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GET INVOLVED - Know what's going on - Spread the word

You can make a difference! Get involved with the thousands across the state and help make the MI FairTax a reality.  Read why you should get involved!

1.    Join Americans for Fair Taxation

Join Americans for Fair Taxation (AFFT) and become a part of a growing number of Michiganders — and others from across the nation — who realize that the current tax system is broken beyond repair and are ready for the FairTax! Joining AFFT automatically makes you a part of the Michigan Volunteer Team.
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2.    Get Involved with the Michigan FairTax

We need your help contacting residents to make them aware of the Michigan FairTax. Please do the following:
     »  Send us an email and offer to help! - info@mifairtax.org or contact your local District leader on the Contact Us page.

Copy/Paste these widgets to your blog or Email signature:

Michigan FairTax - Donate now

Michigan FairTax - Join now


Copy/Paste/save this Logo to your website or Email signature and link it to www.mifairtax.org:


3.   Make a Contribution

      Your contribution helps to educate the public.


4.    Educate Your Friends and Neighbors About the FairTax

To assist you in your efforts, we provided a variety of resources, including: a brochure, PowerPoint presentation, sample letters to editors, a speech outline, and quick facts cards. 

»  Check out the Volunteer Resources
»  Send a friend our Brochure
»  See upcoming Calendar of events
»  Join Michigan FairTax on Facebook  Facebook Logo
»  Join Michigan FairTax on YouTube  YouTube Logo    

5.    Write to the Governor and Each of Your State Representatives

A simple letter, email or fax expressing your desire to see the MI FairTax enacted is a powerful tool. Only consistent grassroots enthusiasm and pressure will ensure that the Legislature addresses the MI FairTax. Legislators rarely hear from large numbers of constituents on any one issue — and if there is one thing that legislators listen to, it's when their constituents speak in large numbers! We must be enthusiastic and consistent in contacting our representatives about the MI FairTax. Your letters, emails and phone calls will make a difference. Tell your elected leaders that the MI FairTax is an idea whose time has come.

Find your state representative and ask them to cosponsor
»  Look up the Contact Information for your state representatives

6.    Find your place in the Michigan FairTax effort

Look at the state organizational chart and find where you would be most helpful to pass the Michigan FairTax proposal.

»  Contact Michigan FairTax to get involved

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