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Quick Facts

Discussions with focus groups of Americans showed that what citizens want is a tax system that provides Fairness, Simplicity, and Visibility. The FairTax achieves these objectives through:

Simplicity — one rate for everyone; no tax filings
Fairness — is progressive, protecting the poor through a tax rebate on the necessities of life; no loopholes, therefore everyone pays the same rate on every purchase
Visibility — our taxes will be shown on every sales receipt rather than hidden in the prices we pay

A graphical display of the Michigan FairTax benefits Cost Chart

The Michigan FairTax explained

The Michigan FairTax  Brochure

The impact on Local governments with Revenue Sharing and Personal Property Taxes

The impact on various  Michigan business groups

The Michigan FairTax Prebate and your effective tax rate

Taxing Services in Michigan

Being competitive along the border in Michigan

Consumption taxes are more stable than income taxes


Frequently Asked Questions with answers

Concerns raised regarding the Michigan FairTax w/Answers

Why residential property taxes are not part of the Michigan FairTax

Why the Prebate?



FairTax Studies

The FairTax was developed after extensive studies. We encourage you to read the research behind the MI FairTax and to find out more about the positive impact that the MI FairTax will have on the economy and on our lives.

Michigan FairTax Volunteer Team

Michigan's FairTax Volunteer Team is a group of concerned Michigan citizens with the express mission of educating our fellow Michiganders about the merit of changing the state tax system from direct taxation of income and businesses to indirect taxation through a state consumption tax as outlined in H.J. Resolution L   Click here to find your local FairTax volunteer

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