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Help spread the message and the grassroots movement

Your contribution forms the financial support that's crucial to our ongoing grassroots effort.  When you support the MI FairTax by providing financial support or signing up for news and updates you become a member of the MI FairTax movement.

YOU'RE THE KEY to FairTax success!  Consider a recurring monthly donation?


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Consider a recurring payment through your bank or credit union's Bill Pay service of  $5, $10, $20  . . . whatever YOU want to do.  You determine the amount, and schedule it to recur * automatically monthly or Quarterly.


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Our success in making Michigan the first FairTax state will usher in a new age of economic prosperity and, in so doing, will facilitate our national effort to pass the FairTax (HR 25 / S 122). Ending Federal withholding will complete the removal of the government's hands from our paychecks and restore our right to maintain control over the disbursement of the fruits of our labor.


MFTA is not a charitable organization and is organized as an Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(6) tax exempt organization generally for education purposes.  To the degree that contributions are not attributed to lobbying they may be deductible as a business expense.  MFTA will determine this percentage annually based upon its activities.

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